Back in December I had the Privilege of learning from one of my favourite photographers Gabe McClintock. I’ve admired his work for over the past 5 years, coming across his work when I was in search of our own wedding photographer! (can’t believe this year is 5 years for Taylor and I!)

One thing I’ve always had a passion for is capturing and drawing out emotion. When I was younger my favourite way to do this was creative writing (something which I still very much enjoy!!) and seeing Gabes work gave me the drive on where I wanted to take my photography. It’s my personal opinion that a photograph should not only tell a story but convey a feeling, and Gabe’s Photography does both.

We learned his tips and tricks and he gave us great advice and didn’t hold anything back! I had such a great time learning from him and seeing how he shoots during his “connection sessions”. These are my images taken during our live shoot at Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Thank you Gabe for all that you do!