Standing in bare feet on the cold hardwood floor, her arms around his neck.  Being in the comfort of her own home brings a sliver of calmness as he wraps his arms around her.  She squeezes as hard as she can as a tear rolls down her cheek.   He holds her as close as he can, desperately trying to alleviate her pain and comfort her in the only way he can. Once the panicked breaths have subsided, he looks at the clock.  Its been a few hours and contractions are still only 5 minutes apart.

Little did they know this would be their life for the next 23 hours. A team of two, breaking through the pain together, with their doula and midwife by their side and me on the other.  Being able to document this important journey brings huge waves of emotions. But most of all, being able to witness the huge amount of love that a husband and wife show for each other during this stressful and joyous time, is an opportunity that I will never take for granted.  This is the story of Myca & Jay, and the journey they travelled together to bring their son Haus into this world.  

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